Public opinion assessment

In general, public opinion surveys are undertaken in order to be able to come to an understanding of the aggregate opinions, attitudes and experiences of an entire population and different social groups within that population.

In the framework of the WaSe component, a public opinion assessment (POA) was undertaken in local communities in Jordan (Al Karak, Jerash, Al-Salt and Ajloun) and Tunisia (Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, Bir Mcherga, Nefza and Matmata) in relation to water management, water governance and water security. The questionnaire also gathered information on water development and management projects. The POA is one of the key steps in the creation of local water security action plans, as described in the newly published Local Water Security Action Planning Manual.

In total, 3,107 interviews were carried out, and the questionnaire data were subsequently processed. The results of the public opinion assessment are now available. These results will help the project team to come up with a list of key recommendations for improving water management practices in local communities. 

In addition to the interviews carried out in the eight communities in Jordan and Tunisia, you are invited to take part in an online version of the questionnaire.