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Jan 9, 2017 by Valerio Ponzo
Extension Announcement: Call for supporting Civil Society actions !
Submit your applications until Friday, 13 January,2017 (included) and help us support the Civil Society's engagement in water, environment and gender-related challenges connected to the Dialogue and Cooperation action of the WATER SUM project / WATER POrT project component,

Dec 21, 2016
Civil Society contributes to the success of the Budapest Water Summit 2016

The mission of the Summit aims that instead of conflicts and global risks water shall be the source of cooperation, peace and development for all the countries committed to sustainable development.

(photo courtesy of the Budapest Water Summit 2016)


Dec 19, 2016 by Valerio Ponzo
Apply now: Call for supporting Civil Society actions!

Open call: Capacity building and awareness raising for enhancing cooperation with the public and promoting a common understanding among water practitioners and stakeholders


Sep 15, 2016
Budapest Water Summit 2016 Civil Forum seeks applicants!
The Budapest Water Summit 2016 invites civil society from around the globe to express their views on the issues on the agenda of the Summit to ensure that water and sanitation-related SDGs and targets will be addressed in a bottom up and inclusive approach as well, complementing the top-down political-institutional actions discussed by the plenary sessions.

Sep 12, 2016 by Valerio Ponzo
Civil society takes the spotlight at World Water Week 2016
The WATER SUM – Water, Growth and Stability Initiative (WGSIni) exhibition stand became a prominent stop-by point for visitors and partners during the recent World Water Week 2016 in Stockholm. The guests who spent time at the stand learned more about challenges and solutions in the MENA region; met representatives of local communities and stakeholders; and became acquainted with the REC’s publications on local security action planning.

May 5, 2016 by Amer Tubeishat
Encouraging the use of unconventional water resources in Jordan: a success story

Jordan, a country with scarce water resources, has a long tradition of harvesting rainwater. The project presented here concerns efforts to rehabilitate ancient water ponds to improve the supply of water to mosques and schools in rural areas.  


Feb 9, 2016 by Nathan Johnson
Environment and the Media: Telling an Unfolding Story (Part 2)

I was excited—and a little bit nervous—about putting together a journalism-related exercise for event participants that are not journalists by background or profession. What I had tried to do during my morning presentation beforehand was to provide some critical insight into how to read and interpret news stories. I ended the presentation with an overview of news story components: e.g. headline, lede (or, lead), quotation, background quotation, attribution, nut graph, and conclusion.


Feb 9, 2016 by Nathan Johnson
Environment and the Media: Telling an Unfolding Story (Part 1)

 I was pleased to be invited to prepare and give a general presentation on media and environmental journalism to roughly a dozen WATER POrT participants from Jordan and Tunisia, which took place on January 28 at the REC Conference Center in Szentendre. Another welcome challenge was to develop a workshop activity for the event participants following the presentation. As this was to take place on the very last day of what was a busy, two-week visit for the participants, I certainly didn’t want to bore everybody!


Jan 15, 2016
The WATER POrT Forum

 The WATER POrT Forum is a platform for exchanging knowledge, ideas, good practices and current developments regarding manifold water-related topics linked to the WATER POrT project component and its activities.