Local water security action plans

Local water security action plans (LWSAPs) ensure the adoption of an integrated approach to water management as a means to enhance water security and showcase the direct and tangible results of water-related dialogue and capacity building. They address issues such as water security, sustainable socioeconomic development, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and the active involvement of a wide range of stakeholders.

As result of inception phase Jordan and Tunisia were selected as focal countries for WaSe component. Following stakeholder’s consultations 8 self-governing territories were selected in Jordan and Tunisia for development LWSAPs and the process is ongoing:

 In Jordan, the municipalities of:

  • Al Karak
  • Jerash
  • Al-Salt
  • Ajloun

In Tunisia, the delegations of:

  • Nefza
  • Bir Mcherga
  • Matmata
  • Sidi Ali Ben Aoun

Local Water Security Action Planning Manual for practitioners is developed and it includes the following 7 activities and 20 steps:

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