Cooperation and dialogue on water management issues

Dialogue can be seen as a joint learning process, with each party both sharing and receiving thoughts, ideas and knowledge. All water management activities require cooperation among multiple actors, as all economic activities are dependent on water availability. Cooperation and dialogue on water issues are therefore crucial in order to preserve water resources, ensure their sustainability and protect the environment.

WATER POrT offers a framework for common understanding, cooperation and a regional approach to the management of water issues by promoting three levels of dialogue: among water practitioners at national level; within the water, agricultural and industrial sectors of participating countries; and in the wider MENA region.

Main outputs

  • On-going interactive dialogue among water practitioners, decision makers and other actors at national and regional level.
  • Measures to address significant water management problems (SWMPs) with regional impacts proposed, and implemented by beneficiaries at selected demonstration sites.
  • Capacity-building actions implemented and working papers/recommendations drafted on inter-institutional and inter-sectoral performance.
  • WATER POrT Online Forum created as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, good practices and current developments related to WATER POrT activities.
  • Targeted support given to CSOs/NGOs/citizens through capacity-building and awareness-raising activities.