Adaptation to the impacts of climate change on water resources

In addition to direct negative impacts, climate change will multiply existing stresses and further affect water availability and allocation and the management of water quality. The adaptation of water management to the impacts of climate change is therefore essential in order to support community resilience and sustainable growth.

As an exchange platform, WATER POrT strengthens the abilities of practitioners to deal with the impacts of climate change on the region’s water resources. It will function as a kind of marketplace where good practice examples can be transferred among regions for replication or adaptation.

Main outputs

  • Measures to facilitate adaptation at national and regional level prepared in cooperation with beneficiaries.
  • Understanding of how to develop appropriate flood risk management and adaptation plans, flood hazard studies and flood risk maps improved through practical exercises and the use of cutting-edge technology and software solutions.
  • Good practices, lessons learned and successful replication strategies targeting water scarcity and drought summarised and disseminated via online tools (e-Practicum; website; social media) as well as via printed materials in English, French and Arabic.
  • National and regional capacity-building workshops and hands-on trainings organised at demonstration sites.
  • Beneficiaries’ understanding and implementation capacity assessed in relation to innovative adaptation measures for the water sector.