Good Practice Handbook on Water Scarcity and Drought

Jun 15, 2017

This book contains altogether 30 good practices that have been identified within the project of WATERSUM under the component of climate change. Good practices are those initiatives, projects that have been already realized, could be taken as considerable replicable cases for a certain body searching for potential solutions (methods, process or even measures) for its challenge related to climate change, especially in the field of water scarcity and drought. This book could serve as background, or even a tool for searching relevant experiences in the field of water demand management, drought management, climate change and communication and participation. Both national and local level of projects are collected not only from the MENA Region but from areas having similar hydro-meteorological and climatic condition, in order to provide wider range of potential selection option. The selected case studies represents various levels of projects, that are implemented from local to international levels, showing up cases for further consideration for local actions or even for transboundary/international collaboration initiatives.

Each good practice fact sheets contains also the contact information that provides ground for exchange of information and experience about the selected project interested.

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