Water & Climate Change Practice Framework Assessment: Tunisia

Jun 15, 2017

Tunisia, is characterized by a semi-arid to arid climate, is subject to great inter-annual climate variability, exposing it to a scarcity of pronounced water resources and to a recurrence of the extreme phenomena of flooding and drought. Climate change would amplify current climatic variations and their consequences on the ecological and social systems.
All carried out studies, targeting Tunisia have shown a significant exposure to climatic changes and a significant vulnerability of its economy, population and ecosystems.
This present study provides an overview on the current knowledge of climate change related impacts, processes and legal and institutional frameworks in Tunisia. Describes assessment results on the existing practice framework, especially focuses on the detailed presentation of the findings and the needs about the legal and institutional issues concerning adaptation strategies and measures, related especially to flood and drought phenomena. The document also provides a wide range of literatures sources that are used for this study and can be further used to study deeper Tunisia`s climate change related challenges.

Tags: Report