SONEDE Tariff Setting Case Study

Jul 15, 2017

The present report provides a summary of the Tunisian case: analysis of different tariff scenarios at SONEDE, the national drinking water utility company as well as a cost-benefit analysis of water saving investments. A core part of the analysis is a pre-existing water utility tariff model called ASTEC that has been equipped with SONEDE data to be able to run a suite of tariff scenarios for Tunisian drinking water services.

The main goal of the current project component (Action 1.1 of the WATER POrT project) is capacity building within the MENA region in the topic of water demand management (WDM). A specific sub-task is to carry out a demonstration activity “… to provide concrete, practical experience in the implementation of principles of economic analyses of water
uses and pricing, and if possible, to test-run and compare some methods ... and to make recommendations for further steps. The main aim of the demonstration is not to solve the existing problems, but to learn how the WDM approach can help and lead toward finding solutions for that ...” (Tender Specification). Furthermore, the tender document required to perform economic analysis, specifically with respect to water pricing and cost benefit analysis.

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