Water Demand Management in the Context of Water Services: Jordan

May 11, 2017

This report summarises the water demand management (WDM) findings of the WATER POrT component of the WATER SUM project.

Based on site visits, interviews, a literature review, and inputs provided by experts from Jordan, the country’s water sector is analysed from the perspective of WDM. In addition to providing a brief overview of the hydrological situation and the institutional and legal framework under which the water sector operates, the authors cover WDM policies that have already been implemented in the urban drinking water service sector and in the field of irrigation.

The report ends with an evaluation of possible directions to be pursued in the field of WDM. It highlights good WDM practices in Jordan that could serve as examples for other countries in the MENA region, and it identifies prospective WDM measures that could be introduced in Jordan, as well as barriers to their effective implementation.

Tags: Report