Financing Rural Water Drinking Services workshop in Tunisia

Mar 13, 2018 to Mar 13, 2018
Tunis, Tunisia
Financing Rural Water Drinking Services workshop was held in Tunisia on 13th of March 2018.

This workshop had the following objectives:

  • Sharing and discussing the results of the assessment of financing needs and support mechanisms for GDAs.
  • Reviewing international experience in financing rural water services.
  • Identifying further research and consultancy needs.

The target audience for this workshop were the CRDAs and the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fishing. Besides this, the workshop had also participants from the GDAs. The workshop drew a lot of interest and the number of participants exceeded the expectations.

In the first session, Mr. Ridha Gabouj from the Ministry talked about current status of GDAs, reform ideas, and strategic considerations. This was followed by several questions and comments from the participants.

The workshop continued with presentations on challenges faced by GDAs, international examples for financing rural water services, findings from GDA data regarding financing needs, and equity among water users.

Tags: Training