Capacity Building Workshop for GDAs in Tunisia

Mar 12, 2017 to Mar 12, 2018
Tunis, Tunisia

The Capacity Building Workshop for GDAs was held in Tunis on 12th of March 2018. 

This workshop had the following objectives:

  • Build capacities of the GDA representatives.
  • Collect information from GDA representatives to verify and supplement existing data.
  • Information sharing and capacity building on the part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and (ex: financial and technical support to GDAs, budget and balance sheet elaboration and follow up, billing and collection of unpaid bills).

The target group consisted of GDAs and Ministry representatives. The session began with a general introduction and tour de table, followed by a session where Mr. Abdelhamid Mnajja from the Ministry talked about the government’s strategy for the GDAs. This session allowed the GDAs to raise any questions and comments they had with regards to the strategy and other issues they are currently facing.

The workshop continued with presentations from Mr. Andras Kis and Mr. Moez Allaoui, starting from an introduction to water demand management concepts, international examples, and concluding with presentations related to challenges faced by GDAs and the findings from the analysis of data from the GDAs.

Tags: Training