National Workshop on Coastal Flood Risk Management and Adaptation

Jun 13, 2017 to Jun 15, 2017
Cairo, Egypt
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The National Workshop on Coastal Flood Risk Management and Adaptation took place between 13-15 June 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. The event was one of the first WATER SUM/ WATER POrT activities related to capacity building on water resources management in a changing climate in Egypt.

The event brought together over 35 participants from different institutions in Egypt, such as the Ministry Water Resources and Irrigation, Egyptian Public Authority for Drainage Projects, Shore Protection Authority and Water Resources Research Institute. Over the three days the main topics were related to challenges and possible solutions that cut across coastal floods risks related with climate change. The participants juggled between plenary sessions and topic-based sessions, and learned from experiences from other colleagues and exchange knowledge and lessons learned also from other institutions as IRTA in the East of Spain in Delta Ebro.

The Delta del Ebro case from Spain was presented as one of the international examples of coastal flood problems and concerns, including stakeholder involvement, sediment solutions and river basin integration approach.

Local experts from Egypt presented how to work in shore protection in the area of Nile Delta and how to deal with the erosion and coastal protection. There are several hot spots where different studies and implantation works are taken place as in the area as Rosetta and Damietta Promontories (East and West);Baltim resort and Borulloss city and Alexandria, Port Said and Elareesh cities.

All the data, information used for the elaboration of coastal flooding studies and maps, as well the studies and maps themselves should be incorporated to an Information System Integrated Management for Coastal Zone.

Furthermore, solutions against the sea level rise in the West Delta Region and the effects of the previous flash floods in Egypt were presented including the roads and personal losses after the events. Regarding the data management, participants could learn about an example of how to organize the data in a repository with open source and a future common database for future global decisions. The Egyptian institutions presented how floods data information networks are operated, while they underline the importance of standards and future agreements for national strategy.

Finally, the working group session provided a platform for discussing several questions regarding the strategies for flood risk management, prevention, mitigation, and modelling of coastal problems. All participants highlighted the need of remote sensing implementation in the coastal area for prevention, as well as more capacity building in the use of this new technologies and a common strategy for collecting and analysing the data.

Photo gallery of the National Workshop on Coastal Flood Risk Management and Adaptation in Egypt

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