Workshop with Jordanian NGOs/CSOs active in the water sector and gender matters

Apr 21, 2016 to Apr 21, 2016
Amman, Jordan
The WATER POrT team held a successful workshop on April 21, 2016, in Amma that brought together civil society stakeholders who are active in water resources management across Jordan.

The workshop served a twofold purpose: first, it familiarised civil society representatives with the activities of the WATER SUM project’s WATER POrT component (especially those connected to its “dialogue and cooperation” cluster); and second, it provided an additional insight into water-related challenges from the public’s perspective.

The main takeaway messages from the Workshop include:

  • Importance of organising frequent awareness0raising workshops for the civil society  to be informed on the current situation and challenges related to water;
  • Added value of addressing the impact of climate change at local communities level to foster proper rain harvesting and efficient irrigation methods;
  • Need to increase the knowledge and attitude of the population towards IWRM, in a manner to spur engagement and contribution;
  • Support strengthening the role of media to raise awareness on water management and climate changes challenges; and
  • Addressing families as the basis of the society: empowering the youth allows them to pass on to their familial members positive messages and actions of change in using and managing water resources.

Tags: Training