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land reclamation

Making land capable of more intensive use by changing its general character, as by drainage of excessively wet land, irrigation of arid or semi-arid land, or recovery of submerged land from seas, lakes and rivers.^

land use capability

Division of agricultural land into classes of similar production potential with a view to making the best use of each piece of land without causing excessive erosion, or loss of productivity.^


The process by which soluble materials in the soil, such as salts, nutrients, pesticide chemicals or contaminants, are washed into a lower layer of soil or are dissolved and carried away by water.^

leaching requirement

The fraction of water entering the soil that must pass through the root zone in order to prevent soil salinity from exceeding a specified value. Leaching requirement is used primarily under steady-state or long-term average conditions.^

lentic waters

Ponds or lakes (standing water).^


A natural or man-made earthen barrier along the edge of a stream, lake or river. Land alongside rivers can be protected from flooding by levees.^

livestock water use

Water used for livestock watering, feed lots, dairy operations, fish farming and other on-farm needs.^

lotic waters

Flowing waters, as in streams and rivers.^