Improved Water Resources Security for Low-Income Rural and Urban Communities: Action Plan for the Yarmouk River Basin

Countries: Jordan
Level: Local
Region: MENA Region
Tags: Planning & Policy | Stakeholder involvement | Urban water supply
Target audience: Farmers | NGOs and CSOs

The Improved Water Resources Security for Low-Income Rural and Urban Communities (WRAP) programme aims to improve water security with a focus on low-income areas, and to provide water supplies with the most advanced tools for managing and planning the use of water resources. 

The programme is implemented through two components. The first works to improve water delivery to several low-income areas through: rehabilitating drinking water networks, introducing water saving technologies at the household and community level, and establishing ‘water wise’ groups for women. 

The second component aims to support water governance of the Yarmouk Basin through the establishment of a multi-stakeholder river basin committee and the development of decision support models, such as WEAP, MODFLOW and MYWAS.

Results obtained

  • Reduction of groundwater abstraction
  • Development of an action plan (i.e. the Yarmouk Basin Action Plan), consisting of proposals for different projects and activities that reflect the interests of all stakeholders
  • Fundraising for all or some of the projects and activities mentioned in the action plan
  • Institutionalising the concept of participation within MWI

Success factors

  • Key success factor: Providing a solid rationale for stakeholder participation in water management.
  • Adopting a participatory approach to water management in the Yarmouk Basin.
  • Developing multi-stakeholder dialogue at different levels.

Indicators used

  • Development of the Yarmouk Basin Action Plan.
  • Level of farmers’ involvement in Yarmouk Basin stakeholder dialogue.

This project can be applied and repeated in any other basins throughout the country. All that is needed is support from the MWI and the securing of fund for such projects.

Total costs

  • EUR 500,000


Eng. Hadeel Smadi, Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Email: hadeel _smadi@