My Climate Change Responsibility

Countries: Tunisia
Level: National
Region: MENA Region
Tags: Awareness raising
Target audience: Citizens | Local government/municipalities | NGOs and CSOs

This project aimed to improve the awareness of schoolchildren about climate change and its impacts on water, agriculture and biodiversity.

The specific objectives were:

  • To instil and strengthen individual and collective daily behaviours that can mitigate or adapt to climate change.
  • To strengthen the role of youth in the fight against the adverse effects of climate change in their environments (school, neighbourhood, home etc.) and to involve them in raising awareness levels in their respective institutions.

Results obtained

  • 60 eco-delegates trained in climate change.
  • 1,500 students informed about climate change.
  • 30 teachers informed about climate change.
  • 1,600 people informed about the impact of climate change on water, agriculture, biodiversity and economy.

Success factors

  • There was a current context that was favourable (education reform).
  • Students were motivated by the integration of new “active education” teaching methods.
  • There was strong involvement of the Ministry of National Education, and personal interest from the Minister of Education himself.

Indicators used

  • Number of students trained as future trainers of students at their schools.
  • Number of trained inspectors.
  • Number of trained educational staff.
  • Number of people informed about climate change.

The project can be implemented in any secondary school where the lesson framework is flexible enough to allow the insertion of the trainings for students, as well for teachers and inspectors. There should also be available capacity in terms of teachers and human resources.

Total costs

  • EUR 30,000


Association réseau enfants de la terre
Radhia Louhichi /
PNUD Tunisie
Sellama Houiji /