Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning

Countries: Tunisia
Level: National
Region: MENA Region
Tags: Adaptation measure | Capacity building & knowledge transfer | Planning & Policy
Target audience: Agricultural authorities | Local government/municipalities | NGOs and CSOs | Scientists | Students/university | Water authorities | Water companies

The main objective of the project was to train senior managers on how to integrate climate change adaptation into development planning. The training was based on a Tunisian water-sector case study in the Barbara basin, (located in northwest Tunisia), where people struggle with lack of water supply.

The training took place in two stages; a theoretical step and a practice involving a specific case of water resources in the Barbara watershed, for which a  training report was prepared. Field visits to the Barbara watershed dam and the village of Barbara village took place as well. The training was based on manuals developed by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), based on the OECD 2009 manual.

Results obtained

  • 15 peoples trained as future trainers.
  • Very good collaboration between trained people.
  • Development of knowledge about climate change and on how to cope with this new challenge.
  • Trainees developed and initiated projects for their own institutions.

Success factors

  • Good cooperation and synergy between the technical support projects of GIZ and the Water, Climate and Development (WACDEP) project implemented by GWP-Med.

Indicators used

  • Number of people trained.

The project could be duplicated for people in other ministries and institutions (especially regional commissions involved in agricultural development) if there is sufficient need to integrate climate change adaptations into development planning. Trainees should be familiar beforehand with climate change adaptation methods and techniques that are used their country and communities.

Total costs

  • 40.000 EUR


Ghazi Gader, World Food Programme
Sarra Touzi, GWP-MED